SEO Tips: Title optimization

Want to reach the top? You need to make sure everything is optimized—the copy and the

The right title will tell users and search engines what your content is about. naming your page Home, Index, or Page 1 just doesn’t give site visitors or search engines much to go on. And doesn’t let them know anything about the content on your page.

If you really want to “beat the bot,” try putting keywords in your title. But don’t repeat key words over and over, that’s likely to get your site flagged as spam or garbage content.

So, make your titles quick snippets of what is on your site. If you offer marketing solutions for small businesses in Metro West, try “Small business marketing solutions in Metro West Boston” as a title. If you are a Boston-area plumping company, go with “Residential and commercial plumbing in Boston.” If you think people are searching for you by name—put your name in there along with what you do.

Don’t go crazy—try to keep everything under 70 or 80 characters. Some search engines just aren’t looking for long, drawn-out titles.

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