High Times for Retailers

shutterstock_230578153-770x326Marijuana is changing retail marketing

In an election year marked by dramatic cultural shifts, few are likely to have the long-range impact of legalization—and normalization—of cannabis.

On November 8, 2016 another four states voted in favor of outright marijuana legalization—California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts—joining Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, and Washington D.C. in allowing recreational use. Voters in Florida, Arkansas, North Dakota, and Montana also approved legal medical marijuana, with 28 states now open for medical usage.

That means, in addition to the entire west coast of the United States becoming a legal refuge for recreational cannabis, California—a state with an economic output that ranks higher than all but five nations—has thrown its cultural and economic weight behind marijuana. Introducing legal marijuana into an economy that exceeds $2.24 trillion is bound to turn some heads and change some marketing strategies.

And with Maine and Massachusetts—a cultural bell weather for the northeast—getting in on the action, marijuana legalization is poised for big years ahead.

Want more? Here are four things you need to consider when moving into the cannabis market.


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