Segment Breakdown: Sports Fans

Here is the next marketing segment breakdown, created for a client in the analytics and customer insights space.

Game on.

Sports are big business—globally and here in the United States. Sports fans cross all economic, social, and class divides, but are generally united by their passion for their chosen game. And that passion means big opportunities, and big money.

While many Americans streamline their budgets to weather the effects of a struggling economy, sports fans are less likely to cut out spending on their favorite pastimes. In fact, Eco Research found that while many consumers were looking for ways to save money during tight economic times, there was an exception when it came to things like sports.

This key demographic is willing to dish out big bucks on event tickets, programming, and logo apparel, not to mention wagers (fantasy sports betting is projected to exceed $77 Billion by 2025).

And they spend with passion.

Ready for more? Game on


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