One-click payments


Breaking barriers and building sales

It’s really quite simple—the fewer the barriers and shorter the path, the easier it is to close the sale. No one likes to wait in long lines, and any business that can’t find a way to manage the sales process—on or offline—is unlikely to last long.

This has always presented a unique challenge for ecommerce. Online shoppers can be anywhere or doing anything. And that means they can be easily distracted or redirected. And shoppers who lose interest are less likely to purchase. If your customer is sitting on the couch and their credit card in in the other room, the very fact that they need to get up, get the card, and then go through the checkout process can be enough to stop them from making an impulse purchase.

That’s why online retailers are always trying to streamline the process and make it easier, and more intuitive, for customers. By focusing on the biggest bottleneck facing online customers—the checkout process—retailers are attempting to make ecommerce frictionless.



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